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Springtime in Bakhmut

Large Daffodil designed by:

James Rebanks

Glazed by: Mary Chappelhow and Helen Ratcliffe

James Rebanks farms in Matterdale in the Lake District. He is the author of two bestselling books – The Shepherd’s Life and English Pastoral – which have been translated into 20 languages, and won several literary prizes.

‘We live in a beautiful, fairly affluent and peaceful place – and it is easy to forget how lucky that makes us. Just a few hours drive across Europe in Ukraine, thousands of people are fighting an industrial war that is turning towns and cities to rubble, and destroying many innocent people’s lives.’

‘White flowers used to be symbols of peace, but there is no peace in our time. This daffodil is for our Ukranian friends. To say we are humbled by your bravery. We believe in you. We must continue to support you. We pray you will win, and soon. Slava Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!’

Proceeds from the sale of James’s daffodil will go to RAZOM for Ukraine


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